Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here we are. Again. At CHLA Emergency Department, room O. Pablo woke up at 6:30 a.m. shivering and burning hot. He was very freaked out. While we were getting him dressed and in the car, he was saying 'I'm scared! I'm scared!'

He and I drove very fast down Sunset Boulevard with the heat blasting. Jo Ann packed P's suitcase and arranged a ride for Grady.

The fever hasn't really gone down after the first round of fluids and antibiotics. In an effort to cool him, we had to take his shirt off and take the blanket off his body. Not easy when he's shivering. It adds screaming to his repertoire.

Dr M came down to see Pablo. Love him! We felt like Batman had walked into the room when he showed up. He just RUNS sh*t! In fact, he has ordered a full slate of tests, to be sure P's heart, kidney and bladder functions are rocking. Dr M assumes the cause of this fever is a blood infection. Frankly, let's hope it is. That's a simple, easy explanation. And something we can fight and overcome.

On that note, I will ask you for your thoughts, prayers, meditations. Whatever you do to send energy, please do it in honor of Pablo.

Will check in later.


HH said...

kick that fever's butt, P!

Anonymous said...

Praying for a lightening quick recovery...and may this be the very last trip to the hospital for Pablo. (I'm betting it will be.)

Keeping the faith...Jenefer

Tiwanna said...

Keep your head up P. I know you'll pull through this and by the weekend, today will be a memory. Keeping you in my thoughts.