Saturday, April 18, 2009


Grady's 15 today! Here he is sitting next to Dave Cooley at breakfast at the Ace Hotel, our new fave spot to eat in Palm Springs.

Grady, Jo Ann and Polly are at Coachella rocking out. Pablo and Papa just cleaned to house from our afternoon swim + BBQ with Peter + Brie + baby Lennon and Paki + Arianna + baby Sophia. After that + during that, we got up to some serious playing. Now we are dressed to take the golf cart to dinner. Any time we mention the golf cart, Pablo lights up and is ready to go.

This afternoon when we were recounting Pablo's sweetness with Papa yesterday in the ER, he said, 'I'm not used to being the visitor.'

As of 6 p.m. PDT, nobody from our family has gone into a hospital any other medical facility. I'd say today is a remarkable day!

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Dawn: said...

Good LORD. I just caught up on the blog and my stomach dropped when I saw that picture of you, Jeff. I'm so grateful that you're okay.

Hope you're all having an amazing and restful time now. Very happy that Pablo's made it through treatment like the little lion he is.

And Happy Birthday to Grady!