Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Sleeping+Walking

While I was out on the road bringing a physical aspect to our fight against cancer, infection and pain in our son's body, Pablo got dressed—always a sign of him feeling better—and Jo Ann and Nana took him on a stroll around the fourth floor. Actually, if I know P, he took them on a stroll and they just kept up with him. This is big news cos P has not walked since we arrived at 7 a.m. on Wednesday. He's been horizontal the whole time, and has not wanted to hear the first word about getting up.

By the time I got back to CHLA at 5:30 p.m., P was down for a nap—as you can see in the pic above. Also, while I was out, Jo Ann arranged to have us moved to a different room cos our roomie was coughing a lot when she woke up this morning. The bed that became available was just next door, and it is at the window, the best side of the room for P and us.

On the medical front there's not much new to report. P's blood and urine samples continue to come back bacteria-free. The Strep cells in the blood that was drawn Wednesday are not growing—another good sign. Dr M is on rotations this weekend, so he stopped by this afternoon. Jo Ann had him examine Pablo's scrotum. It's been swollen and painful for the past two days. The resident told me last night that it could be a simple fluid build up. This morning it looked less swollen, and P did not mention any pain. Dr M is going to keep an eye on it; if it's still painful and engorged Monday, he's going to order an ultrasound.

Jo Ann and Nana are doing the overnight shift. I'm at home and about to hit it.

Our weekend was made better by the endless stream of blog comments and emails we've received. Thank you. We hope you and yours had a great weekend, wherever you are in the world.


Anonymous said...

thx jeff for the constant updates, they make us feel better knowing what is going on.

much love to you all.

Jules said...

Good news! Here's hoping Pablo is able to go home soon!

Anonymous said...

our family is beaming love and light and strength and warmth and positivity.

Margy Farley said...

So glad to hear that Pablo was up and about some. Also, so happy to hear that there is no sign of that nasty bacteria. I hope that things keep getting better every day.

Thinking of you all always,
Margy Farley

Dayla Corcoran Kennedy said...

Always reading and in our hearts.


Dayla, Fyn and Felix

Anonymous said...

continue to stay strong! i am always so thrilled to hear encouraging updates and I will keep sending daily positive thoughts and energy your way!