Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update From The ER

We are headed to the ICU. The fever has not gone down yet. The docs have him on ice. Pablo is miserable - his blood pressure is low and his heart rate is racing. There are no less than six doctors attending to him, many of whom have become friends of P's and ours over the past 11 months.

We are never in this part of the hospital for anything less than serious stuff. That's why it's called the 'emergency department.' There's something

We do have GREAT news: P's chest x-ray is totally clear. No pneumonia, no fluid and - most significant - no spots. You know Jo Ann and I are not fatalists, but we'd be delusional to not find comfort in the absence of cancer in Pablo's lungs. That's the first place the disease spreads to if it were to recur and spread. We are f**king NOT open to that. But, again, there are facts and we are grateful to have checked one potential issue off the list.

Had to stop writing for past 15 minutes. As I was typing P's eyes bulged out of his head and he began to vomit mucous and a bit of blood. This is not a fire drill. There are more docs in here now. They are moving us to a bigger room in the ER. The ICU is full and we may be here for a while.

A tech is in here right now with a giant machine doing an echocardiogram. Another tech is drawing blood from his arm while that's going on. They need to test the gas level in his blood. P's entire body is swollen - out of nowhere. We are all staring at the black and white monitor on the machine, watching Pablo's superstrong little heart pounding away.

Brie is on her way with lunch from Yuca's Tacos. Not sure how we're going to eat in the midst of all this. But we need to keep our bodies fueled.

Keep sending your energy and intentions. This is the day.


Tiwanna said...

The respiratory therapist in me wants to know his ABG results and all the details of his cough but if his CXR looks good, that's GREAT news. Still keeping P in my thoughts as well as you guys that are with him. Keep the updates coming.

thepiersolfamily said...

Checking on you all the time and sending you love and comfort and peace in the midst of the worry. Hugs to Pablo and all of you.

Thinking of you all the time.

beth said...

sending positive vibes, warm thoughts and strong prayers