Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pablove 50, Cancer 0

I went to bed last night in the famous blue CHLA chair with one thought in mind: Sunday would be spent kickin the s**t out of cancer using the best tool I've got: my bike.

I'm 50 miles into my 100 mile ride. Started at the front door of CHLA, and hit 50 mile mark a few minutes ago. I'm a couple miles north of Pt Mugu in Ventura County. PCH ends about one more mile up the road from where I'm standing. It feels good to be here and it is gonna feel good pulling up in front of CHLA in another 2.5 hours.

First thing I did when I got here was call Pablo. I wanted him to hear the waves. He did and he was happy. I told him I was riding to kick the crap out of the strep bacteria in his blood. 'Good!' was his response. Then he told me he loved me and hung up.

P is having a good day. Jo Ann and Patricia are moving him into a new room, next to where we've been since leaving ICU.

My next check in will be from CHLA.

Happy Sunday!

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Charlotte said...

HI - It's Stephanie,
Glad you got out on your bike today Jeff. It is so gorgeous! Good to check in on you guys the other day - that is some gnarly shit you have been dealing with, and as I told JoAnn, all of you are extraordinary. Sending all the healing vibes possible. You've come so far!