Monday, April 27, 2009


Pablo is recovering in post-op. The surgery went fine. The thick rubber tube that was between his ribs helping him breathe has been removed. It was causing him a lot of pain. Dr Stein ordered an x-ray and determined that P's lung was working on its own, so he gave the OK to remove the tube. At that time, the nurse exchanged the giant oxygen mask for a simple oxygen tube. Those two things allowed Pablo to relax. He's asleep now. Another x-ray in about 20 minutes will verify the lung's function and we'll be off to our room on 4 West.

We are hoping to head home tomorrow.

The node that Dr Stein removed from P's lung is in the CHLA pathology lab. When the test results are available, Dr Mascarenhas will sit down with Jo Ann and I.

Ben Berry from Dangerbird is delivering a late Malo dinner right now. We're all hungry. And tired.

That's all we have. Good night.

Oh, PS: while Pablo was recovering, Thursday night's Silversun Pickups / Eulogies Pablove Foundation benefit show at the Echo sold out in 20 minutes! That's gotta count for SOMEthing! All that energy....


Paige Orloff said...

Good night to you all. This is what I keep thinking for all of you; it's a Buddhist loving-kindness meditation:

May you be happy.
May you be well.
May you be free from suffering.
May you be safe.

Much love from the farm-y east.

chad said...

wishing you a speedy recovery

Carrie Holt said...

Wishing you all a peaceful night.

beth said...

excellent news about pablo
(glad i didnt wait around to get my ticket for the show)

thepiersolfamily said...

Jeff, Jo Ann, Grady, and Pablo,
Happy sleeping to you all! So glad to hear surgery/recovery is going smoothly and you go home tomorrow! good news!
The Piersols :)

Unknown said...

You are in our hearts and on our minds.

Unknown said...

Oh, it's Tracy by the way... Guess my name doesn't come up.

x x o

clare crespo said...

thought about y'all all day. glad to hear it all went ok today. hoping hard over here. xoxoxoxox

Mary Avallone said...

JoAnn & Jeff - couldn't sleep 'til I knew Pablo was good. Keeping you in my prayers! Love and kisses to all of you! Get some rest!

T Blum said...

So happy to hear Pablo is safe and resting. So much love is flowing "your all's" way :)

Fantastic news that you can get back home soon.

Thank you for the updates and including all of us, we have been glued to the blog.

Cassiel is still smiling from his "cops and robbers" game the other day. Says that Pablo knows how to play it better than anyone he knows!