Thursday, April 9, 2009

It Was A Good Day!

P + the elephant dude he made today in his room.

Today was the kind of day we hope for whether we're in hospital or at home: two dumps, two naps, a long walk and more food than usual. Oh, and lots and lots of smiles and laughter. And P jokes. Soaking in happy P energy is SUCH is a relief on our hearts and minds. We are starting to exhale tonight. We're gonna make it outta here - and sooner than we anticipated.

Dr M is very pleased with Pablo's condition today. Clean blood and urine, clear lungs and white blood cells showing a bit of rise. If things continue in this direction, he will send us home Monday. Jo Ann is eagerly awaiting her home nursing duties - anything to bring our baby back to his home. This time, she'll be administering antibiotic pump balls three times daily. And when she and Grady go to the Coachella music fest in the desert next weekend, I'll be le administrator. Thankfully the job doesn't entail sticking a needle into skin. I can deal with needling the rat tail line that hangs off the port in P's chest - that's easy.

I'm headed home for the night. Gonna ride early tomorrow morning with my Friday morning crew - Piero, Diarmuid, Jeff and Michael. We named our mini-club Gallo Negro after the black rooster, an Italian symbol of good luck in cycling. Jeff got jerseys made in Italy. They came in this week and we're psyched to sport them on the road.

Happy Passover to those of you celebrating that holiday. Happy Holy Thursday to others. Happy nothing to everyone else. And remember: the Easter bunny is scarier than a drunk clown...if you really think about it.

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