Friday, April 17, 2009


Turns out 'P' is not the only letter that fits next to 'Castelaz' on a hospital bracelet. And it turns out I'm not the only person in our family to leave a hospital with the ALL CLEAR this week either.

A full body CAT scan, an X-ray of my pelvis, and some blood work has revealed only a hairline fracture between the L1 and L2 vertebrae. I'm on meds and I'm gonna take it easy. That's what the doctor ordered.

That's all for now. Thank you ALL for your amazing and supportive communiques. Bet you didn't think we'd need your love and light for yet ANOTHER thing?


Scott H said...

Glad to hear you're OK!

Margy Farley said...

So glad that you are ok. Wow, what a scare that must have been. I am sure that your whole family could stand a break from any more of the hospital related excitement for a long while. I am hoping that both you and Pablo are getting better and stronger every day.

Margy Farley

dean said...

dude eagles of death metal warned you!! we are soooo happy you are ok and going to coachella to rock out to silversun! love you tons brother! xo

tracy said...

I don't get it the food really really really good in the hospitals that keeps you guys going back?!!@@#
cause I'll cook you all dinner every night at our house and i'll even serve that really bad jello they have there to make sure you guys feel like you never ever need to go back there :)
that being said...I'm glad you're ok. Truly.
Go hear some music for me!!!
congrats on the LA Weekly cover! you rock!
Go Dangerbird!

MKPatrick said...

Scary monsters!! Glad you're OK. Sending loads of healing energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Wtf?!!!! Glad you're ok. Did pablo get to visit you for a change?!

The Nolans x

Anonymous said...

Every morning I wake up and check the blog. Today, I was expecting great photos from your weekend in Palm Springs, not a photo of Jeff all banged up. Maybe now Jeff will slow down and REST for a few days. Glad that you are ok. Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers from Houston.

Unknown said...

Phew. Glad you are safe and well. X