Sunday, April 12, 2009

E Bunny Up In Herre!

Pablo was only a teensie weensie bit scared when E.B. walked in. We got a good laugh when me and the #1 Bunny reminisced about our boxing match back on Easter 2003 at Hillary Rodham Clinton Park. Pablo was still in Mommy's tummy back then. It was nice to reconnect with Big Thumper. I asked him to hold up our glass bottle of Evian in a pic, so it'd look like we were gettin loose in the champagne room. He said 'OK,' which one-upped me and made the moment creepy in a real way.

Anyway, Brer Rabbit promised he'd put in a good word for Pablo with Santy Claus.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled sugar coma.

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Tiwanna said...

Happy Easter!!! Enjoy!!