Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Driving In Stereo

The photo of Pablo that's been on the front page of Pablog for months was taken in our friend Michael Ross' golf cart in Palm Springs. Pablo loved going to Michael's sprawling house in PS. It was a giant play land to him. We loved waking up early and driving the golf cart down the road to the Ace Hotel or Koffi. The thing goes, like, 8 m.p.h. max, and Pablo loved every sub-speed limit bit of it. And he loved to drive in stereo. We left a CD in it back in the 0-6: Silversun Pickups 'Lazy Eye' acoustic. A totally random disc to shove into the Craig stereo in a maroon golf cart. And it apparently stood the test of time. Nobody ever took it out. So every time we were in PS, we cranked it.

Jo Ann shot the golf cart pic. It's a mother's view of her son in full bloom of boyish beauty and vibrancy. Nobody else could have captured Pablo's energy the way she did. No one else could have created it either. While Pablo was alive, I liked to change the Pablog cover image every couple months. It was a fun thing to do. Now, I don't think we'll ever change out Jo Ann's golf cart photo. Pablo's smile in that shot will fuel all the days I have left on this earth. That one smile. So much energy.

Michael loves the photo as much as we do. And he did something amazing with it. He had it turned into a memorial plaque which is now affixed to the golf cart. That's the story of the photo of the photo above. Can't wait to run into a Pablove friend at the Ace or Koffi. Then we can show it off....