Friday, April 3, 2009

Spongebob's Message to Pablo!

Pablo got a big shout out from Spongebob Squarepants. Check it out!


erinm96 said...

Praying and thinking about you always!! Stay strong and know there are people everywhere with you in their prayers!
All our love,
Erin & Jeff

Mary Jane said...

Great news about tests! I'm off to the Carmelite Monastery to join the rest of the families praying for Pablo during the all night vigil.
Love and prayers,
Mary Jane

jhaygood said...

We've been following your news for the past day and are very glad to hear something positive happening for your family. You're all in our thoughts and prayers.

alexandra Wintersteller said...

Dear JoAnn, jeff and Grady
Just wanted to say, (now that I have begun wrap my head around the news of Pablo's health) is that this website is really beautiful, your words bring streams of tears to my eyes because your writing is so raw, powerful and honest. In all of these blogs you can feel the intense love you have for Pablo, and it is just so incredibly touching - this diary will one day be the biggest gift for Pablo to reflect back on because it is pure proof of how much he is loved and cared for.
I also wanted to say that the foundation you have started is really amazing. I would love to honor sweet Pablo by contributing.
my thoughts and prayers are with you
Alex Wintersteller

Unknown said...

Such good news about the tests......And the shout-out from Spongebob? Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

One more day closer to strong and healthy! Very happy to hear the news that the xrays came back good and better than the first time! We don't know eachother but my family is praying, thinking and hoping for all the best for your family and Pablo. My boys will be excited to hear the shout out from Spongebob to Pablo! From the bottom of the ocean good thoughts are coming! That's awesome! Keeping getting stronger Pablo!!!!

Sandy said...

We are deeply affected by your experience and are honored that you share your struggle with all of us in such a loving way. The photo "Holding Hands" is incredible and speaks volumes; we are overwhelmed by your grace, dignity and strength. We love Pablo so much! Love to you all...
Sandy & John (Bumper's parents) said...

Dear Jefff, JoAnn, and Pablo:

It is always a wonderful day to hear that your prayers and wonderful attention to Pablo is always there to help him come back strong to you. It is clear his love for you can be no greater than your love for him.

Our prayers are always with you.

Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sheryl

Anne said...

Have been glued to flicker and sending prayers and positive thoughts since Wednesday night. So happy Pablo's fever broke and you are heading to 4 West. We love you all so much and feel your strength, love and energy all the way to Prytania Street. Hope you feel ours!
Love hugs and kisses,
The Morris Family