Monday, April 6, 2009

Official Pix From Lance Hang

Lance's photographer Liz Kreutz sent me an email a few minutes ago. I opened it excitedly cos I had a hunch I knew what it contained. That hunch was right: the email included Liz's shots of our family with Lance in the fourth floor playroom when he visited CHLA last month.

This was a happy day for us. Look at the smile on Jo Ann's face! And Polly's! Adam in our office noted that I look less than happy in my pic. He's right. That's apparently how I look when I'm about to pass out. Meeting one of my athletic and advocacy idols was a bit overwhelming!

With Pablo back in CHLA for an extended period of time, Liz's pics couldn't have come at a better time.


Matt Rejis said...

This is one of the most amazing things ever. Hero by trait, hero by practice. Lance is the man.

Tiwanna said...

Great pics. Everyone looks great and a little in awe. P looks adorable in his fav shirt. As always best wishes.

MKPatrick said...

Heroes abound. Lance is your hero. You, Jo Ann and Pablo are our heroes. Keep the faith.
Love & light,
MK, MP, L & A

Jules said...

Wonderful pics - a happy moment to remember during these difficult times!