Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday Walk Day

Pablo had a great Wednesday. Despite his wobbly legs, he went for a couple laps around the fourth floor. When I arrived, P and Polly were so far down the hall I couldn't find them. A good sign for a kid whose legs are now in need of help from a physical therapist. We don't know what has caused his legs to be less than 100%, but it started a few days ago. Jo Ann immediately got the CHLA physical therapy team on the case.

Last night, P and I talked about his legs. We agreed that the best thing for those babies is to get on his BIKE with his PAPA and head for the hills!

Jo Ann just arrived - with two of our fave nurses from the day hospital - so, like REO Speedwagon, it's time for me to fly.

Goin to the office in my PJs. F it.

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