Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pabye West

Toy shopping on Larchmont minutes after waking from a propofol-induced sleep.


Heather said...

Pablo in costume of some sort ... just what my heart needed to see.Kisses from Zoey Mr.P.And if mom didn't get my picture message,I will tell you instead what it was:Miss Zoey,today, clad in her skull and crossbones babylegs ... in honor of you ... the one who wears the skull best,even on the soles of your shoes!!

Aunt Jo / Mr Marshall said...

Listen up Jeff and Joann! this is Marshall sending our deepest and most heartfelt offer of love and encouragement to you two,Grady and esp. Pablo the little man!
We love ya'll so much and our prayers are with you "all" for God's Comfort, Peace,Strength and healing for Big Pablo! Pablo can be healed through the name of Jesus Christ; not the universe,lance armstrong or good people's thoughts!
So, "please" stop cursing and let's agree that God can and will heal Pablo in the Name Of Jesus Christ our savior!
Dear Lord, send Your healing power and Love over Pablo's weak body! Take Away the cancer and tumors and make his body strong, healed and whole and Blessed! In The Loving and Powerful Name of Jesus Christ! I Pray in the Name of Jesus my Lord and Savior! Amen! Thank you Lord!
Jeff and Joann, Please know we are here should you want to talk or argue! We Love ya'll so much! God's Blessings! Marshall and Aunt Jo

Ismael said...

Wow, I will never be as cool as Pablo.