Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Brings Us Smiles

Nothing but great news coming from CHLA:

• First 24 hour period with no fever + no headache

• Today's echocardiogram shows a good, healthy heart

• Feet x-rays show no probs. Everyone believes the lumps on the tops of his feet are from the snow boots he wore on his massive hike around CHLA on Monday. Tight boots + zero white blood cells + craploads of antibiotics = lumps on feet. Or something like that.

• Pablo asked Jo Ann to purchase two new release DVDs today—he knew they were out today, Tuesday, from commercials on TV. Hilarious. He might be the only person in the world under 16 who still believes in buying what others steal on bit torrent sites.

• Adult front tooth broke through P's gum today! He is SO proud of it. He'll show it to anyone who walks into the room. When he showed me, I said, 'See! The chemo can't stop your body from growin!' (He had no idea what I was talking about....)

• And from the 'As If We Don't Have Enough Popping Off In Our Lives' desk: Don't forget about the creature that woke me and the dawgs in the middle of the night last night. The crazy exterminator dude (they're always crazy, huh?) went up into our attic to find the living thing that woke me up last night. The dude found it—and how. It is a giant f**kin' raccoon bigger than Pablo! He was staring it straight in the eyes at 10 feet and the thing started crawling toward him. My assistant Acacia, Jo Ann and Nana were up in the crib when this went down. The guy flew out of the attic—not an easy feat—looking like he'd seen a ghost. He went away to guy a trap at OSH, and Acacia boiled some eggs, a raccoon's fave treat (who knew?). Kooky exterminator dude never returned—all the local hardware stores were out of cages large enough to hold the Gollum-sized raccoon. He'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully he'll just show up ready to haul off with a sawed-off. Forget the cage man!


SteveAudio said...

Trap the 'coon, let it loose in Griffith Park, he'll be very happy.

Anonymous said...

alright! Pablo's adult tooth!!! that's incredible news =)
i love all this news!! except that dang racoon, if you need, i will come over and rastle that coon out!!

Tiwanna said...

Great news. Pablo is too cute. You'd never know he was in CHLA and feeling so aweful. Strong work Pablo keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile. So sweet! Love that Pablo is feeling better! And the big tooth is coming out? Wow! His body's been working hard and still doing all the amazing stuff it's supposed to do!