Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update: Wednesday Night

Pablo sleeping in his bed in the ICU. We are grateful to have a room with sunlight. Half the rooms in the ICU have no windows.

It's way past our family's bed time. But what is our bed time when P's in the ICU? How do we sleep? How do we stop our brains from thinking and our hearts from feeling long enough to shut our eyes and rest? I am exhausted. But it's important to write this post, to keep all of you up to date. And to let go of this day by putting it on paper.

Here's the latest. I'm combining my thoughts with a bunch of thoughts and facts Jo Ann emailed me throughout the evening.

Dr M is hopeful. He emailed me to say 'Pablo's hanging in there!' That made us feel better. Dr M is a brilliant physician, and an honest, forthright person. His words mean everything to us. That said, Pablo is still in critical condition. He still has fever of 38.4—38.9 Celsius. It's been that high all day. You could cook an egg on P's palm he's so hot. The nurses are literally packing chemical ice packs around his body as he lays in bed. He has the old skool traditional cold wash cloth on his head. Jo Ann and I told him how our mothers used to do that for us, and how much we loved it. He was nonplussed, and seems to hate all the cold stuff up on him.

The range of drugs P's on is phenomenal. It's staggering to even think that one little person could be subjected to so many things at once. This observation, coming from me, at the end of 11 months of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and—literally—countless blood and platelet transfusions? Yes, it's true. The idea that Pablo's veins and heart have today taken in red blood, platelets, magnesium, dopamine, Benedryl, two different antibiotics, fluids, and probably a few other things I can't recall—it's stunning.

Another thing: we've made it this far without an I.V. being poked into P's skin. The port in his chest has done the trick for 11 months—until today. He now has a thick I.V. needle in his left arm. They call this an auxiliary port. It is taped with that white silk tape that we've all had, and there's a board taped onto the back of his elbow, to prevent the arm from bending and causing P excruciating pain (it still hurts him).

One of Jo Ann's emails to me this evening perfectly summarized what we need to ask of you, our loving community of friends: Pray for Pablo to get through this fever and infection with a strong heart, strong lungs, strong mind and strong body!

On that note, I wish you a good night.


thepiersolfamily said...

Thanks so much for the update.You all are constantly on my mind and will be in my prayers as I fall asleep. Hope you can get some rest. I know- no beds in PICU rooms. Shocked me on Luke's first visit there.Either sit up all night in the awful chair or take the luxurious bed (compared to fourth floor) BUT down the hall from your sweet boy... Whichever you decide, hope you get some rest.

chad said...

Praying the medications will work quickly and that Pablo will feel better soon. All the best to you guys.

Margy Farley said...

I have been following Pablo's journey for some time now. It is shocking to me that I have not written to you before today. Please know that Pablo and your family are always on my mind, through the ups and the downs. I can relate, all too well, with much of what your family has endured. Although our sons' diagnosis is different and no two journeys are identical, the fact that we are simultaneously walking through this fight against cancer is a bond that is inevitable. I am so saddened by Pablo's current condition. I was so elated when you were able to report that Pablo was enduring the last of his chemo. I hope that this, too, will pass and Pablo is up and running around again soon. Your family is always in my thoughts.

Margy Farley
(Robert Farley's wife and Aidan Farley's mom)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to say other than you are in my thoughts, and those thoughts are about health, beauty, and light. We send you love.

Martin, Mary, and Kirby.

Anonymous said...

Big family prayer said at last night's dinner on Pablo's behalf.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are are sending Pablo, you and your family all the love and prayers we can. My thoughts only go to Pablo running around, happy, laughing and very healthy! May this be very, very soon!

The Hearne Family said...

Dearest JoAnn and Jeff,

We are with you. We are praying fervently for Pablo.

There is another family, the Poulson's, who went down to ICU last week; they're still there. Gary and Marina are the parents and their 4-year old, Sarah, is doing incredibly well right now.

You're amazing parents, and our prayers will not cease for Pablo as he continues the heroic fight.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Relieved to read that Pablo is feeling better! Sending good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

My prayers and light. Pablo will over come this next hurdle as he has all the others. He is in the home stretch. That's usually the part when you don't think you can take it anymore. You do and you succeed. You triumph. And Pablo will. He will have full recovery and be healthy. He will triumph.
Much love.

Unknown said...

Just read the Twitter feed NO FEVER!! That is such good good news. You all have been on my mind constantly. Love and prayers for all of you


SteveAudio said...

Ijust saw the latest tweet aobut fever being down. Excellent news!.

MKPatrick said...

Dear JoAnn & Jeff,
Sweet Pablo is always with us in our thoughts and prayers. Sending all the best, all the strength to you.
With Love & Light,
Mtthew, Mary Kay, Luke & Amelia

Anonymous said...

Just read your latest and am so happy the temp going down. Thanks for the updates -- I wait for them patiently.

Love to you all.

Tiwanna said...

Still watching the twitter for the good news that is sure to come when Pablo's fever is no more. But, I'm glad to see the little sparks that come in like a lower fever and a smiling Pablo. Thanks for the continued updates at such a trying time. Keeping Pablo and everyone at his side in my thoughts.

tracy said...

Let that fever keep dropping with each prayer of love sent to you from all who hold you in our hearts.

May the morning bring that sunshine and new day. And Pablo's well being. This day shall pass.

Sending love

Anonymous said...

i hope and pray pablo gets better