Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UPDATE: Tuesday 3:30pm

Post-game snack: Pablo presents a clear and present danger to all Sugar Bear cookies in the vicinity, as evidenced in this photo taken moments after returning from post-op recovery. (Thanks to Mitchell Frank and all at Spaceland Productions for the yummy cookie basket!)

Pablo's out of surgery, safe and sound! The port went in fine (it's the size and thickness of an old skool elevator button). We are now ready for action.

His first round of Chemo will be administered in a couple of hours right here in his room. Only 17 more to go after that! Next week's round will be our first in the Oncology Clinic here at
The docs tell us we'll be kicked to the curb (kerb for the UK fans) first thing in the AM.

Two words come to mind when I think of leaving here and taking our precious cargo to his own bed:


The Procedure:
Pablo was in surgery for exactly 45 minutes. McDreamy Dr. Stein came into the waiting room to give us the downlow as soon as he scrubbed out. The sweat was still on his brow. It was awesome. Polly (Pablo's nanny), Jo Ann and Elizabeth Ingold (thanks for the yummy lunch!) were all rapt during his post-op rundown. So were the Grady, my bro Dean (just off the plane from Milwaukee) and I–but for different reasons for sure lol!

Since the gist of this posting is simple ("port went in successfully"), I thought I'd lay out some observations on the scene around Childrens Hospital LA.

Those of you who haven't been in a hospital in a while will be surprised to know that things have changed since the '70s and '80s. First, there's this thing called the Internet...you can send letters without stamps. ...OK, I won't go there.

Seriously, the cool thing is that this entire joint is wired with Wifi. The post-op recovery room has these flat-panel TVs that drop down on telescoping arms, so kids can watch TV exactly the way they like it: inches from their eyeballs! (Remember when we were kids–you had to lay on your tummy with your chin in your palms to get this effect. After a good episode of the A-Team, I remember that huuuurrrrrrtin'! At the Walther School, they call that kinda position 'yoga.' Back in tha 8-2 in Milwaukee when I was a kid, it would be yyyyeeaaaarrrrsss before I'd be introduced to the word 'yoga.' When I had a bunch of surgeries as a kid, I'd wake up in the post-op and stare at the ceiling tiles and get high staring at the florescent lights waiting for some cranky nurse to come and slap me to make sure I the anesthesia had worn off.

Anyway, things around here are tricked out. And it's all to make the experience of the kids appropriately distracting. I love it. Can't say enough about the positive energy in this hospital.

From the security guards to the nurses and cleaning staff–people here carry good cheer. And it's contagious.


Anonymous said...

ya it is pretty awesome ......

toomuchmetalfred said...

mazzeltof pablo! you're one tough dude. get well and i'll see you friday night.

Charlotte said...

To the Fam,

You guys ROCK! I know it takes strong people to watch their son or baby brother suffer through something like this at an age this young or any age. And, not from personal experience, I am guessing that it is really scary to go through something this intense. Pablo, nothing but props to you my little man. I know that you will come out of this. You are possibly the strongest, peppiest, coolest 5 year old ALIVE! Just keep on truckin' buddy!

You guys are getting positive vibes sent to Children's every second from me, and a ton of other people who are right behind you.

We got your back.

Positive vibes, Admiration, and Mucho Amor,

Charlotte Foley

RichardC said...

Pablo, we wish you and your family an abundance of love and healing. Our spirits will be with you through your journey. All our love Richard & Kim Cawsey

Unknown said...

Go Pablo!!! Glad to hear that the surgery went well. We'll be cheering you on from a few streets away as you commence the next step of this journey.

Love to you all.

Rory (who misses you and wants to know when you can play again), Emma, Chris and the rest of the Nolan gang xoxoxoxox

Unknown said...

We are shooting love and light like CRAZY to all of you beautiful people who we adore. This site is an amazing tribute to the strength of your family. We are with you.


Stephanie, Pete, Charlotte, Oona, Roddy and Josephine

paige said...

Hi Pablo,
im dash's friend. Dash tells me all the time how AWESOME you are. i met you once before on the roof of your dad's work. i remember you because you were the most interesting person there. you had the coolest hair and you kept yourself occupied... throwing pebbles and rocks in the pond. people were telling you to stop throwing he rocks. You didnt... throwing rocks is more fun then talking to boring adults. Im with you buddy.
You made me laugh so hard.

*Laughing is the best medicine.

You are in my thoughts and prayers ~ every morning in my kundalini yoga class, we send our blessings and shine a pure light onto you.

Live in Love,