Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello from Childrens Hospital Room 434B

Hello everyone!

This is the first post of PABLOg, the one-stop shop for all Pablo news and updates.

First thing we want to say to ALL OF YOU is: THANKS YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND LIGHT!   After sending a few emails and a making a few phone calls, the word has gotten out in a major way. Seems like it took less than an hour for the word to get a few generations down the line. The response we have gotten from our friends, Pablo's and Grady's friends, and friends of friends of friends has been stunning.  So beautiful, and so simple. All this little boy needs from ANY of us at this time is LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY.   We are humbled by everyone's immediate offers of carte blanche support.   This proves one thing that is so easy to forget in our society: people are good. End of story. 

We'll update this blog as often as we have updates on Pablo's procedures, treatments, etc.  It's important to me and Jo Ann to share this experience with everyone.  This could happen to anyone, and for many of us, this kind of medical scenario puts us in the deep end of the pool knowledge-wise in an instant.  If our experience can help someone down the line, we're all for it. 

One important note: as much as we can get Pablo to participate and be ok with it, we'll post photos and video of him talking, playing, chillaxxin' in his ill super-automatic hospital bed - so the kids have a way to connect to this experience.  We will keep medical apparatus out of the shots, so the kids don't get freaked out by what's in the background.  

OK, next post will get into the what, when, why of it.


Lukens said...

We love you Pablo!!

Charlotte said...

So relieved to hear the tumors have not spread!!!! I have light coming out my mouth, eyes, fingers and toes generated by healthy thoughts and love, headed toward you all and Pablo. I emailed my uncle - retired Dr. @ CHLA for any info and referrals...we'll see. Love you guys. Hang in there. Good luck today w/ the port. Don't have time to create Google acct - this one's on Charlotte's.

Val Huntley said...

Grant hopes you feel better soon!
Love - the Huntley family

Alex U. said...

Hello Jeff:

It's very moving too view the photo's and read the daily information since this journey began. May God bless little Pablo, the Doctors, care givers and your Family through this.

I feel a sense of warmth while reading the messages and a calmness that all will be well.

My best,

Alex U.

Anonymous said...

JoAnn, Jeff,
What a beautiful space in which to share the process of Pablo's healing. We are sending out only positive vibrations and thoughts for Pablo. He is a very special spirit and he will emerge from this process even more special to all of us. And he will teach us all much along the way, we are sure. We are here for you for anything and everything. All will be okay. With much love, Mari and Ashwin