Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mid-morning update: TUESDAY 20 MAY

The photo above is our family's unity symbol.  Pablo's I.V. was wonky, and came out a few minutes ago.  They're gonna insert a new one before surgery today.  We want to share Pablo's experience so much that we all put NASCAR Band-Aids in the same spot as Pablo's boo boo. It's amazing how quickly he stopped crying when he saw that we were all in it together.

UPDATE 11am:

Pablo slept in today!  Woke up around 8am.  He and I slept together in his hospital bed.  Super comfy. Who needs a cool kiddie bed after sleeping in this ultra-movable 3D siesta machine?

His big night of deep sleep is great, cos today is his big surgery 'n' chemo day.  Sort of like a Double Double.  

Our surgeon, Dr. Stein (Jo Ann says he's the McSteamy of Childrens Hospital, btw!) came by this morning with his team. A little background on Dr Stein:  He is a father, which puts us at ease from the jump.  He has done thousands of surgeries on kids with all kinds of cancer.  He speaks from the heart.  He looks us in the eye.  This guy rocks.  

Plus, he is a friend of a friend of one of the moms at Walther School, Claire Best.  (We've only been at this cancer biz for less than 72 hours.  The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon stuff is unreal.) Claire's friend, Lauren, is Dr Stein's best friend from college.  Their little boy Zack had the exact same Wilm's Tumor as Pablo (bilateral) - and Dr Stein operated on him.  He was 18 months old when he was diagnosed; he is now a healthy 12-year-old!  THIS is the kind of hope and strength we are lookin for!

OK, here's what's on the menu today:

• 10-11am: Bashing around in the playroom with Grady
• 11am: new I.V. inserted into Pablo's left hand
• Between 1-2pm: Surgery to install the Port in Pablo's chest
• After surgery recovery: First Chemo treatment in the CHLA Clinic 

OK - more to come.....


Wonder said...

Very good news, I am thinking thoughts full of love and light for all of you. When Pablo's up for it, he might think my latest entry is funny. My best to all of you!!

Mashley Love said...

we're sending you all happpy healthy healing rays of hawaiian sunshine. please let my brother know if there is anything else you need from the islands.
with love,
ashley lukens

Gretchen said...

I am so glad Jeff is pablogging!! The news sounds good and encouraging. The Drennans send lots of love-
Gretchen and family

Dash Hutton said...

YAY! I love the PABLO Blog!
What a strong guy that Pablo is, i'm VERY proud of Everybody, especially PABLO! Way to go Buddy! See ya soon!!

(High Five)