Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update: Tuesday 1pm

He is happy and joyful. The port will take about 45 minutes to install in his chest. Then an hour of recovery.  Then chemo will be administered in his room a coupla hours after that.

The port is about the size of a quarter. It'll look like a little doorbell under his skin.

The chemo will take about an hour to administer, and, thankfully, we can do it right in his room rather than the oncology clininc. We'll get to know that place very well over the next 18 weeks.

Over and out for now....


Unknown said...

Hurry and get better little man!!!
We need to get some enchiladas in that tummy of yours to keep you strong and healthy

annmcd said...

Love and prayers headed your way. Thank you for the PABLOG. What a wonderful way to get accurate information and stay in touch. I admire your strength in this unbelievable difficult time. Give your little man a hug and kiss for us.
Love to all,
McDonald family
p.s. Please email a postal address for Pablo.

Caro said...

Dear Jeff, JoAnn and Grady,
Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you. We adore Pablo. We know he is strong and a fighter. Scarlett misses him.
Thank you for creating this blog.
All our love,
Caroline, Michael and Scarlett

Kathy said...

Hello Jeff,JoAnn & Grady
I am glad to hear Pablo is doing well. You are an amazing family. Continue to be strong and know you have our love & support. Thank God hospitals aren't what they use to be. A good imagination goes a long way... "adventure, adventure, adventure !!! Not to mention the sugur cookies. A good story book can't hurt either. So till next time, thank you for the update. I'll keep praying.

your friends
Anthony & Kathy
Comtec Consulting