Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Dash Hutton, Dangerbirdy

Meet Dash Hutton from Dangerbird HQ.

Dash is one of the c o u n t l e s s people who are helping us in this tough time. He keeps our office running in normal times, and has added to his punch list airport pickups, and home deliveries so I can keep up on work things from hospital and home.

I'm going to start shooting pics of all our angels, as you all come to the house with
food, coffee, supplies, support, everything. Pablo has friends all over the world–New Orleans, Milwaukee, NYC, London, Paris, Sydney, SF, Tokyo and beyond (he's intercontinental when he eats French toast). I want to be sure the Pablo UN can meet and greet here in cyberspace.

As our once-and-never president Hillary Clinton said, it takes a village. I think we have a few villages at this point!


Treed said...

Have you tried dropping Grady at the back door if there is one, and closer to the eighth grade classes?

Unknown said...

dude, i am a part of the Pablog, DREAM COME TRUE!!!
It was SO nice seeing all of you today, such good vibes going on over there, i didn't want to leave! =)