Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Morning: Wednesday

Uncle Dean, Grady, Papa and Pablo lounging in the hotelspital suite

It's a good morning around here. Pablo is still asleep. He's still asleep on my left arm. Typing with one hand is a piece of cake considering the circumstances. I think I could type with my pinky toe if I had to. 

So, today is the day we are going home. Fingers crossed that nothing changes.  Jo Ann's parents get into town today from Houston.  And my best friend in the world, Fred Gillich, arrives from Milwaukee tomorrow.  Fred has a gnome-style beard, and Pablo loves him.  

Pablo threw up last night before he went to sleep, and again this morning when he woke up.  I can't put a rosy tint on it–seeing your little boy connected to an I.V. machine, with a tube hanging out of his chest is hard.  Hearing him wake up at 6am and say, "Papa, my stomach hurts. I'm gonna throw up" while all that stuff is going on– that's a notch higher than hard. It's heartbreaking. For a split second, I didn't know what to do.  My mind went everywhere all at once. Tears filled my eyes when I saw the distress in his.  I was frozen.  My brother Dean, who was sleeping on the porta-bed, leapt up and grabbed the basin, placing it under Pablo's chin. Liquids moved, liquids were caught, anti-nausea meds were injected into his I.V., and Pablo was back asleep in minutes.  We're going to get used to this, and so is he.  The veteran kids around here don't even flinch anymore.  That's where we're headed....

More later.....


Unknown said...

Pablo going HOME! yay!
"Hotelspital" - classic dude.
I'm so happy to here that you guys are most likely goin' home today (fingers crossed).
I'm sorry you were feeling sick Pablo, i know what that's like, NO FUN! Keep resting up fella =)

mary said...

Hi everyone I just wanted to drop a line and tell Pablo even though I have never met him I love him and my prayers are with him. I am Katie's daughter, my mom is married to Pablo's grandfater Richard. I feel you both Jeff and Ann when my first daughter was born she was in the hospital for months and unwent a life saving procedure. I will never forget how hard it was to see her hooked up to all those monitors fighting for her life. I will pray for all of you that you have more strength then ever. Please let Pablo know I am thinking of him and as soon as he is all better I can't wait to meet him. God bless you all. Love Mary

Katy said...

My heart goes out to you all. It can't and won't be easy seeing your child so sick in the next few months. Your strength, courage and candor truly amaze me. Love to you all,