Monday, May 26, 2008

Misty Mountain Hop

It has felt strange leaving Pablo. We've talked about that.

I normally ride my bike 250 miles a week, and Jo Ann does Bikram yoga every day. In order to get in the kinda miles I like to do, I have wake up early, to create more time in the day. Don't want to be away from my family unnecessarily.

This morning, I'm up early. In a moment, I'm off on two wheels to Angeles National Forest. If you know that area this will make sense; if you don't, now you know: gonna ride from our house in Silverlake to Sunland, climb all he way up Big Tujunga, to Angeles Forest Highway, to the Clear Creek Ranger station, and then drop down Angeles Crest in La Canada and home. Will snap some pics along the way for posting later.

Jo Ann and Dorrie LaMarr are going out to walk to Reservoir at 8:45am. Exercise, the doctors have stressed, is going to help us physically and mentally. It's SO hard to get out and do anything. But, tomorrow is treatment #2, so we need to get rockin today.

Last night, feeling a bit odd about going out for more than an hour, I asked Pablo if he'd be OK for me to go. He said yes, "As long as you brush your teeth. I never see you brush your teeth before you ride."

"But, Pablo," I responded. "You're asleep when i go out early in the morning."

"Oh yeah. But, Papa, just brush your teeth."

See you later.

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