Friday, May 23, 2008


We are introducing the new web address.

It's not only easy to remember, but ties together two powerful themes: Pablo and Love. How cool is it that the two words go together so easily?

Please bookmark it in your browser, and PASS IT AROUND!

When you get to this page, all you have to do is click the type that says CLICK HERE FOR PABLO'S BLOG, and you'll land on the existing Pablog.

We're doing this so we can introduce something else new to our fight and light campaign: PABLOVE bracelets!!!! We thought this would be a cool way to engage the kids and adults - wearing the bracelet makes us all feel like we are doing something. At least this is how I felt wearing my Livestrong bracelet when my brother was sick. It felt to me that wearing it was a statement of intention, a marker in the sand, a statement of unity and consciousness. Whatever and however one feels, it sure doesn't hurt. Especially with the amount of kiddies in our midst.

You will see one when you go to the page - they are beautiful!!! And they will be in our hands in 14 days!!!!!

They happen to look a lot like the LIVESTRONG bracelet, because yellow happens to be Pablo's fave color. There will be a mix of sizes, including plenty of kids' sizes.

Jo Ann is coming up with a specific charity centered around pediatric cancer or Wilm's Tumor treatment and research that she will be asking people to donate to as the bracelets make their way into the world. We'll get that info out when the gear arrives.

Jo Ann and Pablo are in the tub. Our nights are getting later and later, now that P has started napping for two or three hours in the late afternoon. And today, he went nuts on the new play structure for 45 minutes after the nap. We know that there might be some tougher days ahead, so we are filled with gratitude for the ease of the moment.

OK, I'm off to LAX to pick up our friend Fred. He's coming in from Milwaukee. We've been friends since the first day of high school. I love him, we love him, and Pablo loves him. In fact, he is entranced by Fred! By Fred's own admission, he looks a lot like a gnome. First of all, he has a gnomic beard going on. And, like most all gnomes, he is the gentlest soul I've ever met. Pics tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.


Susan and Clan said...

There is nothing better than the spirit of warriors of the heart!
We are in!
lots of love,
Susan, David, Hayde, Parker, Madison and Tennyson xoxo

Treed said...

Nice Day!