Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunshine Of A Different Kind

Pablo is feeling great for three days running. SUCH great news. we know we have a long path ahead, and we are stoked to have some emotional, if not meteorological, sunshine today, leading up to his next chemo treatment on tuesday. finding joy and contentment in small, simple things is one way to stay sane today. something along the lines of: chop wood, carry water, pat belly, rub head (more on head rubbing below).

we know from my brother scott's treatment, there are good days and bad days, great weeks and great runs. there are also days when plans have to be scrapped at the last minute. plans for simple things like going to the park, or for a coffee. plans for a summer holiday.

one of the countless gifts scott gave us was the experience, strength and hope. now that we are in our new reality as a cancer family, we're kind of know how to roll. one of the many reasons i am so d
edicated to this blog is for this very reason: to s h a r e our experience with all of you. If our experience could ever help you, or someone you know, well, here it is.

as i write this, pablo is snuggling with fred on the couch. they are sitting next to me watching 'pirates of the carribean 3.' pablo is stoked. he loves fred: loves rubbing on his bald head, loves asking him a million questions about the movie and loves just b e i n g with him. i just reaized this - it might have something to do with the fact that, without his gnomie beard, fred looks like another hero of children the world over: author and poet laureate shel silverstein!!!!

of all the people pablo gets shy with, fred is not one of them. i remember meeting fred the first day of high school, in september 1986. i had that same easy feeling about him: "this dude is my friend." i have never had a strong urge to rub his head or snuggle with him, but after 22 years of friendship, i know i could give the dome a good rub if i had to!

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