Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off To The CHLA Oncology Clinic

Good morning.  A short post: we are off to the clinic for Pablo's chemo treatment.  It's all we've been able to think about since leaving the hospital.  We just want to get the show on the road.  

As always, Pablo is in good spirits this morning.  When we told him we were going back to the hospital, he was not happy.  

"But I don't want to go back there," he said.  Totally get it.  

And as always, Jo Ann put it in suuuuuch a great way to him that he was all smiles a moment later.  She told him, in a simple way, that the medicine was going to make his bump go away so he could play as hard as he wants to very, very soon.

He got that!

OK, more later.  And, as long as the boy allows it, we'll have pix later today.


Katy said...

Will be thinking of you all day. Stay strong little Pablo and family. We were gone all weekend at our cabin and I just finished reading the past 3 days of blogs. You guys are amazing. Your strength, courage and ability to communicate is inspiring. I love Pirate Scooby! It just so happens that my son Chases nick name,(one of many that is), is Scooby/Scoob/Scooby dooby doo. Love and light to you all. I love you.


Denny Weston Jr. said...

Thinking positive, quick healing thoughts for you Pablo!!!! Love you guys.

Unknown said...

Have been thinking of you all since I woke up this morning - well actually you have been front and center in my thoughts all weekend. All our positive thoughts are flying your way..
Lots of love,
Lynn Rush/Bruce/Claire/Colin