Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scrubbing Hands And Air

For a little body going through chemo, germs are a serious matter. The more we can keep Pablo away from colds, flus, etc, the better. For the rest of us, getting even a tiny cold could diminish our energy and our ability to contribute around the house. And would put us on a quarantine from our little dude. Not happening!

Of all the changes that've taken place around here in the past 12 days, the increased presence of sterile stuff is the most noticeable. Every room in the house now has a portable HEPA air purifier whirring in the background. There are hand sanitizers, bleach wipes and face masks of all stripes all over the house and in our cars.  

Today, I had the boys from Precision Air over to install a massive HEPA filter on the main air intake for our HVAC system. The thing as a nine-inch-thick HEPA filter AND a UV light to blast germs before they enter the ducts. This thing is straight outta NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory up in La Canada.We are not messing around up in this piece!

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Anonymous said...

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