Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good night

Good night everyone. Your love and constant good vibes have gotten us through so much. Pablo is with Mommy and Papa in bed tonight. He wants to watch a movie on the laptop. Apple TV in effect. That means we gotta go.

PS - the pic above was taken a few months ago at Silverlake Park. Don't want to sully Pabi's rep - he is OFF THA TRAINAS now, an can rock two wheelz.... So it you see him, now you know.

xoxoxo Pablo, Grady, Mommy and Papa and Uncle Dean sleeping on the couch.


Treed said...

Good night my friends
Sleep tight my friends
“Can’t wait” I’ll bet
Till this ordeal ends

Anonymous said...

Pablo, my name is Ed and I have yet to meet you or indeed any of your family. I play the guitar and write and sing songs, and thats how I 'kind of' met your Dad! I wish you well young man... you look like the strongest young man I ever did see!
All of us who 'kind of' know you send you lots of love. Edx

Anonymous said...


Cecile called Sheryl and me a couple of days ago to inform us of Pablo. Please know our prayers are with all of you and we know that God will bless Pablo and let him continue to be your shining light going forward.

Life is just too precious and at only 5 years old he has to much to give to the world.

Sheryl and I recently moved to the Phoenix area so are not always plugged in to what may be happening. My email is still the same and I will email you at your email to give you the new phone number, etc.

Take care and talk to you soon,

Dennis and Sheryl