Friday, May 23, 2008

Party pix!

Think I forgot to mention that today was pajama (pyjama for our UK readers) day at the Walther School!  We drove in our cars, rolling our tyres (tires for US readers) and we saw a mommy pushing a pram (stroller for Americans) and we parked across the street (UK: over the road) from school, pulled "Peter In Blueberry Land" from the boot (read: trunk) of the car. 

OK, back to the programme....

The time spent at school today was filled with sweetness, and childish innocence.  Jo Ann and I had to run the loo a couple times to wipe our eyes.  Seriously.

Here are the pix:

pablo handing out cupcakes to his classmates

harry wishing pablo a happy birthday

showing the bump.  spencer (far right) asked, "pablo, what are you sick of?"

brenda (far left) presents pablo with his letter book - made from each week's letter drawings

brenda greets the birthday boy

mommy and papa take turns reading "blueberry land" to the class

pablo exiting the downward dawg yoga tunnel. (pleeeeease say it like snoop dogg–just once!)  his smile, and the smiles of all the kids in class, is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! 

THANK YOU Gloria, Laryl, Brenda and Ananta (we missed you ZIlda!)

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

wicked pics jeff.

pablo, u r my idol
i wana be just like u wen i grow up

STILL sending posotive vibes