Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Matt Solodky, The Cap'n Jack Of HMS Dangerbird

Matt was our first employee at Dangerbird, back in 2004. He started out as my assistant, and has worked his way up to head of marketing. On his first day, I was headed to Chicago for an extended period, to be with my brother, Scott. Pablo's cancer is vastly different from what Scott had, but let's just say Matt's been through this with us before.  

For years now, my partner Peter and I talk to Matt a hundred times a day. He works with Jo Ann on all our videos.  He has seen Pablo grow from a six-month-old baby, and Grady from a fourth grader; 19 days ago, he saw the birth of Peter and Brie's beautiful boy, Lennon. Matt is as much a part of O.G. Dangerbird as the crane we fly on our flag.  

Peter and I view Dangerbird–the staff, the artists, the companies we work with–as family. It's not just a word to us. It's a living, breathing reality. At times like this, we actually feel that family thing kick into high gear.  With Lennon coming into the world exactly a week before Pablo's diagnosis, things have been, well, eventful around our office lately! Knowing that Matt is the Captain Jack Sparrow of HMS Dangerbird is a sweet, sweet thing.