Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Our boy, choosing tonight's movie selection off Apple TV–world's greatest invention for a child in Pablo's shoes.   Please note the Third Eye eyepatch, part of his pirate treasure box gift from Peter, Brie and Lennon!

Grady's home from his weekend with his dad, Jimmy. When Grady's away with his Poppy, Pablo kind of becomes an only child, and then switches back to his role as the little boy with an adoring big brother who is nine years older than him.  It's fascinating to see the excitement in both boys when their paths rejoin after Grady's long weekends away.  When I came home this afternoon, they were snuggled up together on the sofa.  Life doesn't get much better than that, for them or for us.

This afternoon, this evening....

After a brief appearance at school, for circle time and to sing along with Carole, Pablo took a nap for a few hours.  He is a bit warm, but nothing to worry about.  Dinner went down well, and all his body functions (if you know what I mean) are working well.  We have to take note these simple, ordinary things while he's undergoing treatment.  When Pablo announces he has to go potty, we all cheer.  Two weeks ago, that would not have been the case....

Picture time!

Pablo's so stoked to hang with his bro, I even got him to take some pix!

The dragon and the crane.

The dragon runneth.  "I'm outta here, Papa. No more pictures!  Note Grady's strong Waldorf Eurhythmy skillz–he didn't move an inch!

When Pablo heard G and I laughing and loving the pix, he ran back in for a look-see.  He ALWAYS does that lol!

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Sending you best wishes and warm thoughts from the Katz family and all at Tsunami.


Adam, Tina, Magnolia & Baxter Katz