Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scooby Doo Rag

Scooby and Pablo kneeling at the Noguchi altar, eyes locked on the telly. Scoob couldn't believe the doo-rag coincidence when he turned up this morning.

A little back story on Pirate Scooby: Pablo has never seen the toon Scooby Doo. He only knows this guy from going over to his friend Eli's house. Every time we go over to hang with Eli–and his parents Scott and Helen–Pablo makes a bee-line for El Pirate Scoob.

When Eli heard Pablo was sick, he immediately asked his mommy to bring his Pirate Scooby to him. Beyond sweet.

Thanks Eli!

1 comment:

malcolm said...

okay, so now with some extra mellow down time, i think its important to introduce him to the toon. theres like, a pirate in every other episode! although they are by and large exposed fakers, so maybe i dunno...