Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grady's First Post!

The first paragraph is what I think about this whole thing, and the second is my perspective on what happened last night.... Check it out!!

This whole experience has been a life changing and informing experience of my life and of many others as well. Although I will probably have a lot more of these adventures and downfalls to come, I have learned how to react, explain, and to comfort, in this case, Pablo. You would be surprised how brave this little boy has been, and is. This dilemma has been harder, I think, for us, the family, than it has been for him. Maybe it's a lesson or a warning for us, but I am living in the present moment and that's where I am staying and worrying about.

On Tuesday night I was sleeping on our couch upstairs (Nana was sleeping in my bedroom). I went to sleep around 11:45. I was awoken from a deep sleep at 12:45 a.m. by Pablo, who was saying, "NO NO, I am still sleeping–STOP!" I thought Pablo was just getting his medicine, and it was nothing to worry about. But then I heard Jeff (Papa) saying, "Get your shoes on Mommy and Pablo–quick." That is what drew me out of bed, to ask, "What's wrong and where are you going?" (I was still 3/4 asleep.) What i heard was, "high fever" and "hospital." The next thing I knew, that they were gone and I was standing there, still trying to process what they were saying as they left. (I stayed home with Nana.) I went back to sleep and was going in and out of sleep about 20 minutes at a time.

Around 3:30 a.m. I saw Pablo's face appear above me. He said, "HEY, WE'RE BACK. COME EAT BREAKFAST!" So I got up and had a little midnight snack with my bro and Jeff (Papa). Jeff asked me to find myself a ride to school in the morning without waking them up. I succeeded in that task, thanks to our dear friends the LaSalles lol!!! YEAH!!


Unknown said...

I can just hear him demanding to be left alone. "I am still sleeping!"

MG said...

Grady - you are an awesome big brother and an all around great guy! I really enjoyed reading you blog. Lots of love to you, Pablo JoAnn and Jeff! x

Anonymous said...

St Grady -- great post. feel free to call me if you need a ride. i know how tough it can be. i've been there. keep writing. you rock!

Dawn: said...

You're amazing, Grady! I'm so glad Pablo has you in his life to help him through this. I also hope you're getting what you need as well. It's tough to always have to be the "strong" one for someone else.

Unknown said...

Well said Grady!!
Keep it up home slice, you are doing fantastic. I still have to see that video you made, let me know how it turns out.


Sara said...

Hi Grady! Remember us? Your house mates in New Hampshire for Pete & Brie's wedding...Nick, Simon, me and Cheyenne? We miss you guys and want you to know we are thinking of you tons. Hopefully our families can meet up again on Lake Winnipesaukee soon!

Lots of love,