Friday, May 30, 2008

A Goodnight Message from Mr. Pabtoe Himself

Take one look at these photos and you know we're having a good night tonight....

"Toe" is one of Pablo's fave words. And just look at how happy he is to see his toes in Papa's Photo Booth program!

Clare Crespo and her hubby James Chinlund and their cute-as-a-button daughter Ruby did a drive-by this evening to drop off DVDs of her new kids' cooking show "Yummyfun Cooking." The DVDs are hot off the press. She ran them over so her little friend Pablo could laugh. SO SWEET!

By the way, Pablo calls it the "Clare Crespo Show." And that makes him laugh. Seriously, he giggles his butt off when he says it!

Oh, wait–here is a message from our little trooper himself (he is typing everything after the colon, and requested rainbow type treatment on the first line):



OK - Papa is taking the reins again....

We want you to know that we can FEEL your love at 1830. All your gifts, phone calls, emails, meals and meals and meals and offers of support could fill the Silver Lake that looms outside our windows.

NIght-night. Sweet dreams to you and yours. More post-age tomorrow.

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