Monday, May 26, 2008

Mommy And Papa Go Outdoors

Pablo has put a moratorium on photos–he's over having his pic taken!

So here are some shots of Jo Ann and I getting our physical fitness in this morning, in preparation for tomorrow's chemo treatment. It will be our first time going into the oncology clinic for outpatient chemo treatment, so we have no idea what to expect during and after. Tuesday is going to be allllll about Pablo–his comfort, his heart, his need to snuggle... Not too much different than every other day, but you know what I mean.

BTW, before we get into the pix: we are having a great Memorial Day. Clare Crespo dropped off etouffee for dinner. How INSANE is that? Can't wait.

OK, the pix:

Jo Ann and Dorrie at the Silverlake Reservoir

J and D with Chili, our yellow lab, and Beans, our flat-coat retrieverdoodle. Both dogs hail from New Orleans.

Self-portrait from the road. Thought about looking H.A.R.D. Ultimately, I decided to smile. I was happy in this picture.
Climbing this mountain is a helluva lot easier than what Pablo's going through. This thought made my ride so much easier.
My shadow self.

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