Thursday, May 22, 2008

The story of Boo

Boo, Pirate Pablo and Pirate Scooby napping at home. Boo is Harry, Jo Ann's dad. Her parents arrived last night from Houston.

I know, I can't just drop something like this without explanation.... Our kids call Jo Ann's dad 'Boo' after Boo Radley, from the Harper Lee novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird.' Why the kids don't call him 'Grandpa' is a long story. But, hell, we have time... It has to do with the fact that Grady calls his dad Poppy, which he picked up from his Guatamalan nanny back in the day. It stuck, and he still calls Jimmy 'Poppy.'

In the south (Jo Ann is from New Orleans), grandfathers are called "Poppy." Since Grady had reassigned that title to his dad, Jo Ann introduced the name 'Boo' because she loved the way it sounded. Maybe also because her dad reminded her of Robert Duvall? Naaaaaaaah... The name does fit Harry very well. Although, he always says he'd rather be called 'Bob' than 'Boo.'

Let me just say that this whole 'Boo' bit always reminds me of the amazing Creation Records band The Boo Radleys. Do not think that we call him Boo after them. If we were going to call Jo Ann's dad by the name of our fave UK rock legend, it'd be Morrissey. And that, folks, would not work on sooooo many levels.

Here are a few of those levels:

• Why does Grandpa, er, Morrissey always tear his Gucci shirt off right before the end of dinner?

• How come we can never eat meat when he's around?

• Do we HAVE to watch this James Dean movie AGAIN?

• Mommy, is Grandpa's band ever gonna reunite?

• Is it really so strange? YES!!!!!!

OK, clearly, I need to take a bike ride.... My mind is playin tricks on me....


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Hilarious!

mw said...

now that, i have to say ( having just a little inside perspective ) is really really funny!