Friday, May 30, 2008


A giant note of gratitude has to be paid to Jo Ann's mom, Particia a/k/a Nana. She and Harry flew out from Houston immediately, and she stayed on when Harry flew back for work on Monday. Nana has helped us do soooo many things around here - rearranging rooms, cleaning the casa from top to bottom, staying up late with us and Pablo - all kinds of stuff.

Patricia brings a sense of security for both Jo Ann and me. Of course, she has the same effect on on the kidz! Her motherly/grandmotherly skill of organizing and simplifying things in and around our house is unparalleled in our lives. She keeps us calm, and keeps us laughing. Patricia was born and raised in New Orleans (she's fourth generation Louisianian!) and has a million Southern sayings and phrases. We LOVE it when she busts out a good one!!!!!  And she keeps us full of good ol' New Orleans Community Coffee. 

Nana is flying home this afternoon. She left a house full of contractors working on her place, and has to get back to check up on those dudes.

We will miss her, and look forward to her return at the end of June when she comes back for Pablo's surgery.

Bye-bye Nana! 


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Unknown said...

Yay Nana!!! I'm sure it killed her to leave you guys. So glad things have subsided a bit.