Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everything In Its Right Place

Here's what we call GREAT NEWS around here: Pablo kept all his food and medicina d o w n today! Huuuuuuuuge!!!!!!! If we had a soundtrack to this blog (hmmmmm...there's an idea!), I'd have Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" cued up right here.

If yer in possession of a passport to the Walther Kingdom, see you tomorrow for some Pablorific birthdayistic chocolate cupcake love!

Night night xoxo


MKPatrick said...

Dear Pablo & gang,
We've been reading your Pablog all week (accounting for several of the 3000+ hits so far!) and have been touched by the spirit, the love, the intimacy that you've shared. You are a truly amazing family! As lifetime members of the Walther School, we may try to stop by for birthday wishes and a story tomorrow, and some hugs and love.
The Patricks: Mary Kay, Matthew, Luke & Amelia

Unknown said...

Good Morning you family of sunshine. It's, me, Gloria. I have been a faithful reader of your Pablog and am so grateful for your many gifts and talents, Jeff, and your ability to inform, deal with the hardest of hard things life has to offer, and hold the integrity and honesty with Pablo. You think your community of thousands is here for you, and we are. What you don't realize is what you are giving to us, on this daily basis as you work through each day, each moment. I am so proud of you, Jeff, you, Jo Ann, you, Grady, and you, you, you, Pablo.
We are all looking forward to cupcakes, book and most especially seeing you today, Pablo.

So much love,


Unknown said...


Don't forget your pyjamas!

Emma x

Unknown said...

Dear Jo Ann and family,
I've just finished reading the entire Pablog and am moved beyond words. Pablo is so blessed to have parents as strong, honest and incredibly loving as you and Jeff - and to have the best big brother around!
You will always be in my thoughts and heart....
Lynn Rush, Bruce Rush, Claire and Colin