Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All is good.

Pablo's first round of chemo was accepted by his little body. No negative reactions. Good news after good news. We like this.

With a chemo coctail coursing through his veins, our little Pabi is officially a fully vested member of the childhood cancer community.  This is the start of a whole new phase of his life-the fight  f o r  life.  We've got the ball and we're running with it.

What a difference 48 hours makes. Can't wait for the next 48.

Love and light to you all. If you are reading this, you've given it our way, and now we're sending it back.

This positive energy stuff works.

OK. Goodnight from Hollywood, California 90027. Sunset Boulevard reprezent reprezent -zent.


Dawn: said...

So grateful to hear that surgery and chemo went well. What a trouper he is! I hope you all can enjoy some much-needed rest in your own home soon.

allyson Fanger said...

Wow - you guys are amazing. You are an inspiration.
The way that you are handling of all of this is a lesson to us all. much love and positive healing prayers to little Pablo and the entire family from the Fanger Five.


ps- we are on the helen schedule for making you
sake steak - can not wait. honored to do so.

Laurie and Steve said...

This blog thing is new to us, but what a great way to keep everybody updated. As we read the blog we laugh and cry at the same time. We send lots of get well thoughts and prayers. It breaks our hearts to know that Pablo has to deal with this strange thing growing in him, but if anybody can tackle it, it is Pablo. We are excited to hear that everything is going well.

We have been in touch with JoAnn's Mom and Dad. They are having a hard time, but hanging in there. They can not wait to get there to be with everyone. They will need a big hug when they arrive today and a big cup of coffee for Patricia can't hurt.

Pablo, family and friends, hang in there! So glad to hear that you get to go home today.

Treed said...

What up Pablo? I hope every day gets easier and easier for you. you are a brave man and have a very brave and wonderful family. Here are some words of wisdom for you:
"A burp is just a cloud of air coming from the heart. But when it takes the lower route it then becomes a fart".
Hope that did not offend you? But
I beleive it has a lot of very deep meaning. However, I have no idea what it is.
I also hope you have time to laugh a bit.

Much love and keep getting better!


Unknown said...

Proud of you Pablo! You are doing AMAZING!!!!
Thinking of you all the time and how FUN you are to be with!
much love to all of you!!

Unknown said...

Hey Pablo! You are brave and courageous pirate. In fact, all of you are brave pirates. Mary, Kirby, and I send you doubloons of love, a treasure chest of cheer, and a keg of courage.

You are in our thoughts.