Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meet Polly, The Fifth Member Of Our Family

Polly Harrison, our beloved babysitter, and a constant source of light in Pablo's eyes, was planning to move back to Sacramento at the end of June. She has been with us for almost two years. Polly works with us part-time and works for another family in Pasadena when she's not with us (which is quite a lot of hours).

On Sunday, I asked her if she could talk with her other family and see if she could scale back her hours with them and come on with us full time until she leaves for Sacramento. She had the whole thing worked out in minutes....
Knowing that Pablo's treatment would be a long-term scenario, I started to feel the weight of Polly's departure and how it would affect Pablo's spirit (he asks for her every day). I asked her if there was any possiblity that she could push her move for one month. Again, within moments, she agreed to stay in Los Angeles and changed her life plans to accommodate us and be with Pablo. Geez– blessed are we?

One funny anecdote about Polly is that her fave band is the same as Jeff's: The Smiths. Two of Jeff's former management clients play in Morrissey's band; a few months ago, when the Moz played the Palladium, we felt t e r r i b l e asking her to babysit so we could go to the show. A total Cinderella story. We were going out to the last night at the fair, and she was stuck home, working. But just like that old fairytale, it all worked out. We laced her with tix for the next night, and she got to reel around the fountain.

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