Friday, December 5, 2008

We Have A Family Dinner Date Tonight!

We are having another great day. Pablo woke up happy and has been bouncing around the house ever since. Jo Ann and I had a meeting this morning. On the way home, she mentioned going out for dinner tonight. Haven't heard her say that in months! I immediately said Yes. She suggested my and Pablo's favorite spot, Malo. I said Hell yes. When we got home she asked P if he'd like to go out, and he immediately suggested Malo. Grady will be over the moon when he hears that we are going out—as a family—for dinner. I almost can't believe it.

Malo is where our journey began on May 17. You may recall (or you may have been there) that we left my birthday dinner at Malo to take P to CHLA.

We've been there many times since, so it's not like that crazy that we'll be there. The special part of going out tonight is that it's been at least two months since we went out for dinner with Pablo.

That's pretty much all there is for now. We hope you and your family and friends are having a great day, and are heading into a great weekend. We're awaiting Dr Mascarenhas' approval on getting a live Christmas tree. We'd like to get one this weekend. Mommy's got prezzies piling up already. A couple weeks ago, our dear friend Mary Collins brought a pile of Waldorf School Angel Room presents over, and Pablo picked out gifts for all of us. So, we've got a lot of stuff to arrange under die tannenbaum.

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Enjoy your time together!