Monday, December 29, 2008

Bunny Face

It turns out that Trader Joe's fruit leathers and Fro Yos do not a balanced diet make. As much as we try to feed Pablo only healthy stuff, our urging is no competition for his chemo-addled sweet tooth. At the end of the day, we give P what he wants, and not because we're weak-willed parents. It's cos we want him to simply EAT something - to avoid the cluster of difficulties that would come with a low body mass.

Great justifications aside, Dr Mascarenhas saw that the 'yummy stuff' column of Pablo's blood test was too high. He came by this morning to let Jo Ann know that we need to get protein into this little boy's body. Simple enough. Polly and I picked up yummy turkey sandwiches from Say Cheese on Hyperion Avenue. What you see in this pic is Pablo The Grazer. He's chomping on whole lettuce leaves, and bites of turkey (no bread). He's having fun eating good stuff. That's a big win for us today.

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