Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday CHLA

Today's plan seemed easy: ultrasound at 9:30, breakfast at Mustard Seed immediately after, run home for an hour, and then return to CHLA oncology clinic for our 1 p.m. with Dr Leo Mascarenhas.

How easily we forget that 'easy' is not on the menu when it comes to institutions such as hospitals. I'm sitting at Mustard Seed waiting for P and Jo Ann (I went on a bike ride when they left for CHLA). Just got a call from Jo Ann: the ultrasound tech has to get more angles and is conferring with a doc for direction. Pablo couldn't eat before this scan, so he's getting ultra hungry laying there on the ultrasound table. Jo Ann called me to relay a food order. There's a glitch tho: I'm sitting here in my cycling costume, with my bike leaned against the table - not exactly in 'take away food transport mode.' Besides, I wouldn't be able to get past security with my bike. And Jo Ann is glued to P's side in that room.

Luckily, Polly saved the day. She was on her way to CHLA and is swinging by to pick up the grub. Everything always works out. And I can always work wherever I am, thanks to the constant presence of my trusty Blackberry.

We'll check in later. Think good thoughts about P's platelet and blood numbers - we need them to be high enough to get admitted this afternoon for chemo!

In rough terms, we'll be halfway through the chemo regimen after this next stay. Feels like a HUGE accomplishment.

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