Monday, December 8, 2008

Creepers + Cuties

Just arrived at the CHLA oncology clinic. We're in exam room 3C. This is the room we were in on our first ever appointment in the clinic. Brings back memories - and gives us perspective on how far we've come in our cancer family journey.

For a start, we aren't as scared or spun out as we were in May. And now we know literally every nurse, tech, receptionist and doctor in this place. Many of our fellow patient families as well. When we walk the halls, many people say hello, or ask us how we've been since we last saw them. Today, seven months into this game, when we get off the elevator on the fifth floor of this building, we are home. Just look at Pablo - smiling as he peels a Cutie on the exam table!

Will fill you in on the results and highlights of our Dr M meeting later today.

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