Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full Housemas

It's Christmastime! There are now 10 people in our house. Three of them—Grady, Alex and Christopher—are looking over my shoulder as I write. Kind of distracting. And really disturbing. Now Opal is looking. Since they are reading this they now know how I feel, and have walked away laughing. Except Alex. He's cool to just hang and chat. He says he's just gonna read the blog tomorrow anyway. The kids brought along their grandparents Harry and Patricia. Very nice of them. So now we're family style like Jimmy and Stevie Ray. For the first time ever, this is the official Santaddress for the Thrailkill Three. It's also the first LAXmas Grady and Pablo have ever had. I'm elated that we didn't have to go on an airplane this year. I mean, I love hanging with the statue of Geo Bush The Senor in the Houston airport and all, but...I am looking forward to our first LA family xmas a lot more.

Pablo is feeling great today. He's been crying a lot today, getting hurt feelings about all kinds of stuff. Grady looks at him the wrong way and he's bawling. Grady won't let him fast forward the Tivo, and he's bawling. We have had two family meetings today to talk through these tough moments. We use everything to work on ourselves—even tears and and runny noses and arguing brothers.

I'm trying to organize dinner. Not going so well. Have a feeling Jo Ann is going to nix the idea of going out, cos she won't want Pablo out of the cribasa. Update: we are ordering in. She won't even let me finish the sentence. We're gonna order from Malo and Chi Dynasty (Ms Jackson if yer Dynasssty). Fair enuf.

Time to drive for the dual dining pick up. TTYallLater.

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