Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Checkin In At CHLA+Freezin In LA

It's fitting that Pablo is sleeping on Jo Ann's shoulder on the way into CHLA. Over the past two weeks, this little man has worked hard at playing, laughing and clownin around. P's next two nights in a hospital bed might feel like a break from all the good times. When he gets out on Friday, it'll be only six days to Christmas.

We are in a giant room with three beds. This is the only room in 4 West that we've never been in, and it's not as bad as we thought. Well, maybe cos we're the only ones in here. If there were two other familias crammed in this piece, I'd be singin a dif'rent song.

On the not-so-fun tip, P is a bit gassy and his tummy hurts. We're hoping he's a few farts away from comfort. Jo Ann and I both go to a scared place whenever something is up with his tummy. We're letting it go for now. No reason to freak out.

A note about life in LA this week: it's been raining buckets and cold. Cold for us is the low 40s. Cold for my growin years in Milwaukee? 20 below zero. But that was a long time ago. The blood quite happily thins when one moves to a warm clime. This evening, Peter and I finished our final meeting of the day and it was 42 and raining and my shoes were wet. It was time to get in front of the homestead hearth. I settled on rushing home to wolf down Jo Ann's delicious dinner and rush with them to CHLA.

It's so cold there's snow in the mountains above our neighborhood. I drove to Pasadena today and got a good look at that cold white stuff - you could have a snowball fight below 2000 feet! (We live at 360 feet, and Pasadena is at 1200 feet.) When we get outta here, I'm going to drive P and Grady up there. Fred and I will try and show the boys a little somethin about snowplay. Now that I think of it, I might bring a shovel and an ice scraper too - to show them summa that technique. We might just have a winter olympic.

For now, we're focused on the chemolympic.

Good night. Stay warm. Sweet dreamz.

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