Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shootin Up On Saturday

Every three weeks, our friend Penelope comes over to shoot up Pablo with the white blood cell booster Neulasta. Today is one of those days. Penelope is a nurse at CHLA, and an old acquaintance of Jo Ann's. They reconnected through our friends Justin and Corinne. When we started hangin around the oncology clinic, we saw Penelope all the time. These days, Penelope is an 'old friend'—one of the countless friends who've become soldiers in the Pablo army. Seeing her reminds me of how powerful our community is.

In this time of, well, gnarliness and deception in the world, it is clear that one's family, friends, community, tribe—whatever you want to call it—is, perhaps, all one has that is real and dependable. This is an absolute truth for us. So many people have lined up to be of service to us it's hard to single anyone out anymore. Some of you have lent physical or logistical support. Others have brought food, or turned up on our doorstep at just the right moment. Many of you have graciously donated to the Pablove Foundation, aiding our family mission to fuel change and progress at CHLA—and awareness of this within our local community. If you are reading this blog, you are part of our community. Even if you simply think about Pablo from time to time, you are an integral part of our community.

On a lighter note: Jo Ann made a loaf of chocolate bread for Penelope and her family—a delicious expression of our thanks for her tireless service. Pablo was very scared to get the shot today. Penelope counted to three and stabbed him. He didn't feel a thing—except the medicine shooting into his leg. Penelope is worth her weight in bread.

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