Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Polly's Back!

How did I forget to mention that, um, one of our big year-end changes—actually, THE biggest—is not changing after all? What am I talking about? Polly has decided to stay in LA, and postpone her move back to Sacto until next fall.

There were two clear motivators for this change: Polly needs a specific list of credits to top up her Carnegie Mellon B.F.A. in order to get into grad school. She found out the week of her departure that she didn't get into any of the required classes. And, reason number two? Get this: we were all piled into Jo Ann's Highlander, on the way to our farewell Polly dinner at Malo. The radio was on, tuned to NPR news on KCRW. The newsman made an announcement that the Governator had just enacted a hiring freeze for State of California jobs. So, no school, and no prospect of nabbing a sweet State gig to pay for school equaled a eureka moment for Polly.

The third motivator was felt mutually on both sides of Polly's departure: the pain of her leaving Pablo prior to the completion of his treatment—for her, and for us—was too intense. Who knows how P would have reacted to his beloved nanny leaving while his world was still upside-down. Thank God we'll never know.

So there you have it. Polly's still here, and we're all the happier for it. Our little family unit works., hands down. In fact, she is at CHLA with Pablo right now. And Jo Ann and I are going out for lunch and some errands.

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Polly's #1, Polly's #1, Polly's #1