Thursday, December 18, 2008


Night number two is upon us. A little more chemo tonight, a little more chemo in the morning. By noon Friday we'll be homebound.

Jo Ann and Pablo are gettin ready for bed. P's Benedryl dealer is coming soon. That'll zonk him out. I'm headin home with a bag full of chemo pee (peemo) clothes. All I have to do is remember to hit the HOT button on the washer when I get back to la casa.

When we check out Friday, we will be officially more than halfway to the finish line. The next goal: Xmas! When we get within 60 days of the finish line, I'm gonna put a countdown clock on the blog. It's going to be fun to watch the days melt away. I have a feeling that once we cross the finish line we'll realize how shallow our breathing had been for the preceding nine months.

Good night. Stay warm. Stay cool. TTYL.

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