Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sofa Jumpin+Santa Trackin

With a pint of new blood and a two hour nap in his system, Pablo is up and at 'em. He's jumping from sofa to sofa, running in place and smiling all over the place. Seriously. We are starting to wind down. First stop on the chill out train was the Google Earth / Norad Santa Tracker. We now know that the Notorious S.A.N.T.A. is in South America. That's only an inch or two below Los Angeles—time for P to sit down and write Pablo's letter to Santa. Pablo knows he has to be asleep in order for the big man to stop here.

When the letter's done, we'll place it next to the plate of cookies 'n milk we're leaving on the coffee table near the fireplace. We decided that we'd put the munchy stuff at his fingertips, so when SC drops down the chimney, he can chow without looking around the house.

Can't make a big enough deal about the fact that this is the first year either of our kids have spent Christmas in LA. We've never staged this important event in our own home. It's exciting as hell for all of us.

Now where did I put that glass of warm milk?

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